Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Jas and I have been in the CG industry since 2007. I consider myself a 'CG Professional' because I develop and contribute to all aspects of the CG pipeline.
 I began my career as a 2D/3D Animator, excelled as a 3D Generalist, and ultimately worked my way up to my current position, a CG Supervisor. My responsibilities are centered around orchestrating the production of high volume, high quality 3D consumer products. There is a strong emphasis on utilizing global partners to meet our clients' high volume demands, and a good portion of my days are spent managing and educating global talent. In addition, I remain heavily involved in 3D production with responsibilities ranging from pipeline development and optimization, to art direction, to good old art itself.

Outside of work, I love traveling and dining with my wife, and hanging out with our Frenchie, Enzo. I am an avid automotive and watch enthusiast, so if you want to talk cars and watches, let's do it!